Border Control

Border Control. The Department of Health acts as the first line of defence against the introduction of diseases


Department of Health acts as the first line of defence against the introduction of diseases into the country and provide services at land border posts, seaports and airports throughout South Africa. They are responsible for the inspection of all foodstuffs, cosmetics, disinfectants, hazardous cargo, medicaments, used tyre casings from Eastern countries and tobacco that is imported into South Africa. Border Control allows vessel and consignment clearance, the tracking of samples, pratique requests and the processing of payments. Border Control is currently used in the busiest ports of South Africa.

Key features:

  • Contact Management
  • Vessel Clearance
  • Consignment Clearance
  • Invoice and Statement Reconciliation
  • Maintain details for a ship’s port entry. The recorded data is used in managing the pratique for the port entry and to generate the daily shipping list.
  • Maintain details of one or more samples that were collected during the inspection of the consignment.
  • Track the laboratory sample status and record laboratory results for a sample.
  • Enable a user to condemn one or more consignments for destruction.
  • Generate invoices for the Pratique requests and Ship Sanitation certificates.
  • Record payments by a Ship or Agent and assign those payments to invoices.
  • View and print statements for a ship or agent.
  • Generate various reports that are required for operations as well as by provincial and national departments i.e. Provincial Port Health / Airport Services & Evaluation Program Department of Health Report.

Unique features:

  • A custom developed synchronisation and replication module which allows each office to record their data as well as allow them to view entries that are recorded at other ports and offices.
    This functionality enables head office to view all port entries in South Africa.
  • Reprint original or duplicate invoices.
  • Create journal entries against a Ship or Agent for payment or invoice corrections.